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Business Consultations

Consultations and advisory services in the area of new projects in the travel business within the EU. GBCA helps you with your ideas: their analysis, planning and implementation. Use the possibility of one free consultation. Target market of this service: B2B.

Legal Services

Comprehensive legal services benefit from our knowledge of the legal environment in the international passenger transport. One part of this solution is ensuring the fulfillment of the rights of passengers in connection with irregularities in the transport in the EU.

Trip Planning

Advice and support in planning trips and stay in the EU. We provide services that allow use of the possibilities of integrated planning journeys within the EU and addressing potential problems during the trip directly with our applications and support services.

We provide traveler services and consulting in the international transport of of passengers in all types of transportation


Team of Travel Business Professionals

Product Creation Department

In the product development department, ideas originate for creating new products or development of existing products and solutions. Experienced team is devoted to analyzing the market, finding new challenges and their evaluation, analytics of the services provided and their subsequent optimization and development.

IT Support Department

One part of our products is the extensive support via sophisticated information solutions. The IT Division has created and implemented new ideas and requirements for IT systems that integrated with our services: systems designed for B2B and B2C and internal control systems for operation and support.

Department of Legal Services

When designing solutions we rely on legal analyses of our experienced team of legal consultants. Legal services are an elemental part of our products because the fulfilment of the rights of passengers requires knowledge of the legal environment as well as the use of legal means to protect them.

Services and Support Department

We provide our customers with 24/7 support services in several foreign languages. The department of services and supports is responsible for the provision of these services and treatment of customer requirements. Negotiate  with us the level of service that will encourage the growth of your business.

Company Management

Andrej Miklošík

CEO/Chairman of the Board

Officially represents and manages the company GBCA, a.s. CEO prepares the development strategy, creation of service concepts; conducts negotiations with key partners and suppliers and manages GBCA team.

Václav Jiříček

COO/Deputy Chairman of the Board

COO provides operational management of the company, service, finance and support processes, negotiates with partners. Vaclav is involved in policy-making and development of new projects.

Michal Balberčák

Consultant/Board Member

Michal is a consultant selected products and solutions in the field of tourism. His experience in the IT and e-business consulting projects is applied in the business of our clients as well as in development of own products and services.

Our Philosophy

We want your projects to work and because of that, we put necessary knowledge and energy in the cooperation so that the project can be run in a reasonable timeframe and budget.


We focus on international tourism long term. We have completed numerous multinational implementation projects that are directly or indirectly related to international passenger transport.

Knowledge that we have gained by consulting and implementing dozens of projects is applied to design our own products, as well as in consulting project activities for our clients. We have rich experience in aviation, rail and bus services, integrated solutions, reservation systems and affiliate programs. We stood at the birth and implementation of several projects with European and global reach.

We stand behind the quality of our output, from both formal and content point of view. You can count on us and directly use the prepared proposals or solutions, without the need to worry about a faux pais with your business partner. Before handing over the documents to the client we judge them internally and try to eliminate any potential shortcomings.

In addition to consultations in Slovak and Czech language we can provide relevant outputs in other world languages​​ including English, German and Japanese.

We realize that in the early stages of a project, our clients need a particular performance in the shortest possible time. Our consultants and experts consider projects as a priority and devote required amount of their time to the project.

In addition to professional consultation services, we also provide business consulting and project consultancy, including project management consulting or project management via outsourcing. We know that the methodology is less important than the real substance of the project and thus, the knowledge and experience of project management is applied in such a manner that formal rules do not occupy more time than professional work.