GBCA about

Golden Bay Capital

GOLDEN BAY CAPITAL is a growing Czech investment company focused on industrial and IT investments. The main pillar of activity is the processing of precious metals in the form of jewellery and trading with precious metals – primarily investment gold.
We are supported by Czech private equity and own assets in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the UK and Japan
…. and we are working on further acquisitions.

In 2019 we opened a new production facility in Pardubice full of the latest technological innovations for the production of PRAQIA silver jewellery, which we successfully sell in Japan, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, and of course also in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We are entering into a new area of personalised jewellery production and together with our Slovak partners, Otiskáček, we have successfully launched a brand-new project which targets unique individualised jewellery. In the near future we will be preparing additional innovative projects in the field of jewellery production and distribution worldwide.
Another important area of the group is the trading of precious metals, which has an obvious synergy with the production of jewellery. BORSHA GOLD a.s. builds on our many years of experience in trading and specifically the trading of precious metals, especially within investment gold.
A prerequisite for the successful functioning of all our companies is the utilisation of our strong background in IT, which we see as our greatest competitive advantage in our future expansion within the field of online sales worldwide. PRAQIA DIGITAL s.r.o. provides support and develops new applications for all companies within the Golden Bay Capital a.s. group.

In terms of the diversification and stability of the investment portfolio, we actively seek interesting investment opportunities, in particular, in those areas that combine traditional industrial and artisan skills with new technologies.


Borsha Gold

  • modern business platform
  • strengthening its own gold deposit
  • business development activity

Praqia Digital

  • development of high-tech online sales and distribution platforms for the fashion industry

Praqia Jewellery

  • continued development of the jewellery production division
  • development of the sales network both in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • development of personalised jewellery production

New business opportunities

  • new innovative projects

Our current assets

Praqia Jewellery s.r.o.

  • design, development
  • production and sale of mainly silver jewellery
  • operating in the Czech Republic

Praqia Slovakia s.r.o.

  • sale of mainly silver jewellery
  • operating in Slovakia

Praqia Japan Ltd.

  • sale of mainly silver jewellery
  • operating in Japan

Praqia UK Ltd.

  • design
  • development
  • mainly silver jewellery

Praqia Digital s.r.o.

  • design
  • development
  • operation of advanced IT systems and solutions

Otiskáček s.r.o.

  • design
  • development
  • sale of personalised jewellery

Borsha Gold a.s.

  • portal for private gold investors
  • saving with your own gold deposit

As part of the Group’s rebranding process, some data and processes are still in progress. (2/2020)