Praqia Jewellery

Praqia Jewellery

Our jewellery is made in the Czech Republic to the highest quality using 925/1000 silver. We combine the dexterity and traditional production skills of our jewellers with modern technologies, giving us almost endless possibilities in creating unique and brand-new jewellery designs.

Laser cutting

Jewellery such as pendants, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are produced in a unique way involving laser cutting. Thanks to this it gives our jewellery an almost filigree fineness and exceptional level of detail.

Povrchová úprava

Surface finish

We only use the highest quality materials throughout the production process. Our jewellery does not contain harmful substances such as nickel or cadmium. Therefore, they are suitable for children. After cutting, the jewellery goes through the polishing and finishing phases. We can then apply an additional coating of silver or rhodium. The jewellery then passes through the expert hands of our experienced jewellers, who take the next steps, such as:

  • shaping
  • bonding stones
  • application of colour layers
  • assembly and completion

Design & OEM Jewelry

Thanks to our in-house design studio we can prepare a large number of patterns and shapes. This means that we are able to prepare unique designs for customers reflecting their product, their company logo or theme, designs based on sports, cultural or social events.
Additionally we produce special custom products in both silver and gold. These exceptional and unique pieces are truly originals. Our jewellery can carry scanned fingerprints, handprints, footprints, paw prints, a heartbeat and other unique and emotional elements
Our production also includes the creation of commemorative and collector’s editions of silver and gold plaques for various occasions: sports, cultural, historical, etc..

OEM jewellery